Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Starwood Hotels 50' x 70' Exhbit Design Concept

The Core Design Team were invited to create a concept that represented the many facets of the Starwood Hotel & Resorts brand. The concept built on the idea of creating angular sculptural elements within the space to represent the facets of their brands and the inter-connectivity of their hospitality group. 

This 50' x 70' Island exhibit with a double deck needed to strike a balance between the overarching Starwood branding and while individually showcasing the persona of their 9 unique brands. 

This design not only presented their brands dynamically on the show floor but also provided a functional environment that would accommodate up to 6 large private conference rooms and hospitality areas. The solution was a dynamic attendee experience that was uniquely Starwood. 

For more design project examples like this one, visit us at http://www.coredesigngroup.net/


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