Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Luxottica Eyewear 80' x 90' Island Exhibit

Chances are if you wear glasses, you may wearing glasses produced by Luxottica. This unique parent company licenses many of the brands we know and use every day and applies them to eye wear. 

When Luxottica was looking for a fresh new booth design to showcase their large brand portfolio, Core Design created this eye catching design that reinforces Luxottica's dominance in the eye wear industry. 

An over-arching brand environment off the main aisle provided a focal starting point for attendees to enter and explore. This open space backed up to specific brand "showroom" environments for some of their larger product lines. Beyond these showrooms was an expansive sales area with hospitality and semi-private sales rooms.

For more design project examples like this one, visit us at http://www.coredesigngroup.net/


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