Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Warner Brothers Interactive e3 Booth - 100'x150' Island Exhibit - THE VIP EXPERENCE

In addition to a jaw-dropping e3 presence, Warner Brothers Interactive needed their space to have an amazing VIP lounge that felt cool and exclusive with a controlled entrance.

The VIP entrance needed to strike a balance of controlled exclusivity. It needed to be easy to locate but not distracted by the audio visual aspects of the front of the exhibit. 

From the Check-In area, VIP members of the Press were kept on the main level, and brought back to individual "Demo Rooms" per title, located underneath the large double deck structure. 

VIP Executive and Sales members were escorted to the exclusive 2nd floor Hospitality Lounge and Conference Center. This level provided private and casual seating areas, and an open "atrium" environment that looked down into the Demo Rooms below. Designed by Core Design Group in partnership with FG|PG.

For more design project examples like this one, visit us at http://www.coredesigngroup.net/

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