Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Warner Brothers Interactive e3 Booth - 100'x150' Island Exhibit - ROUGH CONCEPT

The design process began with an exploration of two rough b&w "white study" concepts. Based on the desired audio visual impact, two different architectural and traffic flow solutions were explored. 

Both Concepts were created for not only visual impact, but the "gathering space" qualities, that encouraged attendees to linger and watch game trailers. To accomplish this, both concepts incorporated a large hospitality double-deck structure to locate the large quantity of conference rooms up off the show floor, there-by creating the necessary floor space. In addition, a key component of the Core Designs were a dramatic "reveal" for attendees to enter the large 80 person theaters.

The first concept was a curving, dynamic branding shell that loosely played off the three bands in the "W" as projection mapping opportunities.

The second concept was a bold rectilinear concept that combined projection mapping on fabric along with large LED structures. Designed by Core Design Group in partnership with FG|PG.

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