Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Warner Brothers Interactive e3 Booth - 100'x150' Island Exhibit -FINAL DESIGN

For e3 2014, Warner Brothers Interactive wanted a stunning booth to showcase their latest game titles. They were looking for an immerse "show-stopper" design with a jaw-dropping audio visual presence, even by e3 standards. 

The concept was part of a larger objective for the show to provide not only a huge impact on attendees, but TWO full-blown 80 person theaters and a world-class VIP hospitality experience.

Up front, WB wanted a gathering space for attendees to spend time and linger, while watching large video trailer presentations. These needed to coordinate with the organized yet dramatic entrance to the closed door theaters.

The entire concept comes to life with amazing LED Ribbon's in conjunction with the large format video allow WB to dynamically change the look and mood of the booth. Designed by Core Design Group in partnership with FG|PG.

Continue to Rough Concept - WB Part 2

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