Friday, July 16, 2010

Core Design Group launches Studio Sixty Three

I am proud to announce the launch of a new service we are now offering at

Different but Simple: Think of it as iTunes meets Freelance Exhibit Design. Studio utilizes the accessibility of the internet to showcase and license the use of "Core Design" exhibit solutions.

Reduced Design Costs: We created STudio Sixty-Three to you reduce your upfront speculative design costs, by providing you with a lower cost alternative to our full-custom design services.

Original Solutions: We created a collection of custom designs specifically for Studio Sixty-Three. With new content each month, there will be no shortage of fresh ideas.

Flexibility to Choose: Why own the rights to a custom exhibit design before you know if you are going to build it? Studio Sixty-Three gives you the ability to purchase a "Conceptual License" that meets your needs and your budget. When the project sells, you can upgrade to either a "Build License" or an "Exclusive License" for added control and ownership.

Creative License: Consider the differences between Renting vs. Owning your home or Buying vs. Leasing your car. Ultimately, you are paying a reduced cost to use only the portion you need. Likewise, you can chose the license you need and upgrade when you are ready to:

Concept License - Freedom to present proofs or branded solutions to your clients.

Build License - Purchase when you are ready to build, and get access to CAD files, etc.

Exclusive License - Retires a design from the Studio Sixty-Three site.

Flat-Fee Pricing: Our pricing was created to keep things simple. Our all-inclusive pricing will provide you with everything you need for one low price.

Ownership Control: Studio Sixty-Three allows our clients to defer the full cost of ownership...until you need it. When you do, you can upgrade to a "Build License" or "Exclusive License" for added flexibility and control.

When you have a minute, please check us out at