Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

Creatively, there is no doubt that the times are changing. As Freelance Exhibit designers we are seeing many projects stifled (even choked) by reduced budgets which is further compounded by an obscene number of bidders.

In addition, client decisions seem more focused on short-term savings over long-term relationships. As a result, most exhibit companies within the trade show industry have seen some kind of staff reduction in the past 18 months and designers are no exception.

While some of our creative comrades will find other opportunities within the exhibit industry, some may switch to other creative fields entirely, and others may never go "back to the drawing board".

Combined with economic competitiveness and a mass exodus of creative talent, these conditions seem destined to breed "ordinary" design solutions during a time when creative ideas are needed more than ever.

The "good" to come out of these conditions may lie in the old saying "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".

As an industry, we may need a reminder that we are here to find solutions for our clients needs, and right now one of their biggest needs is for us to be creative AND frugal.

As individuals, we do our best work with our backs against a wall. Though tight time frames, impossible criteria and paper thin budgets generate the most gray hairs, they can also breed creativity.

As Exhibit Designers, we need the opportunity to differentiate through creativity.

As a company, we intend to do just that. In response to these changing times, we are launching Studio Sixty-Three this Summer. We look forward to exploring it with you. Stay tuned.

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