Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's our Birthday! Core's15th Anniversary

        Core Design was founded in June 2001 by David Linderman and Rob Higgs. They began with the idea of providing their clients with a reliable, confidential and client focused creative experience. From day one, Dave & Rob provided their clients with a trade show exhibit & corporate environment design service that operated like a professional design agency. By providing direct access to creative talent with an attention to detail, and a dedication to customer service, word got around. Dave’s basement provided an ideal space for their creative energy (& more than a few late nights) where it’s physically and financially “low overhead”, provided a practical yet affordable beginning to this creative team. 

15th Anniversary - A Look Back (Years 11 through 15)

A look back to years 11 to 15. Here is some of our favorites.   

15th Anniversary - A Look Back (Years 6 through 10)

A look back to years 6 to 10. Here is some of our favorites.